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A Day of Mindful Meditation: 

10am - 6pm Sat 20th January 2018
Lisnavagh House and Country Estate

Join us on a day of mindfulness to replenish and renew as we head into 2018.  This is a nourishing space to allow you to take time away from everyone and everything and come home to yourself, through silence and meditation. 

In this 24 hour digital business of life we are constantly distracted with ever more entertainment, information and things to be done.  Noise and stress are often a constant companion. 

I will guide you through a day of blissful silence and meditation, enveloped by the sounds and beauty of nature and nourished by delicious vegetarian food.   This day of meditation is about more than relaxation (although that is a nice side effect).  It's about giving yourself the space to listen deeply to your own innate wisdom, to remember what is truly important to you as you embrace this new year.  We will also gently explore some of the insights from mindfulness psychology and brain science to further understand the human experience and how our minds work in this crazy world. 

We will spend much of the day in silence, so that you are free from distraction and get a true break from the world. 

Sample Schedule (some mediations may change)

10.00 - 10.30: Begin with a cleansing green juice
10.30 - 12.30: Brief introduction to the Mindfulness Psychology
                      Grounding Meditation
                      Mindful Movement Meditation
                      Wisdom of the Body Meditation
12.30 - 1.30:   Organic Vegetarian Lunch
1.30 - 5.00:    The Brain and Wellbeing
                      Silence in Nature Meditation
                      Walking Meditation in the Grounds of Lisnavagh
                      Drawing Wisdom from Now Meditation
5.00 - 6.00:   Afternoon Tea

Free from distraction and chores this day offers you space to wholly unwind and relax, to deeply listen to yourself and to access your own innate wisdom.                    

€120 for the day including lunch and afternoon tea.

To book contact Lisnavagh at 059 916 1473 or email