If you would like to book a spot or would like more information click on the link below.    BOOK A SPOT

If you would like to book a spot or would like more information click on the link below.


mindfulness for parents

Exhale Studio, Sandymount, Dublin 4
8th November – 13th December 2018
Wednesday Mornings: 10.00am – 12.30pm

Take some time for yourself. Time from multi-tasking, multi-screening, being pulled in every direction and trying to keep it all together.  Drawn from the gold standard Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program this slightly shorter program which fits around the school holidays, is designed for parents to help manage the stress and drain of family life, to make space for noticing the joyful moments and continue to have the capacity to take care of others.  

This 6-week program moves through the major themes of mindfulness as it relates to daily life.  Each week will consist of a short presentation, mindfulness meditation practices, discussions and group exercises around the theme of that week.  A supportive environment invites us to explore our experience without pressure or judgment as we all seek to do our best as parents.

At the end of this program participants will come away with a set of tools and techniques, insights and new perspectives to restore vitality and manage the inevitable daily ups and downs.  An important aspect to the effectiveness of this program is participants willingness to commit to a daily meditation practice.  Meditation recordings will be provided to all participants to support them in this way.

Mindfulness Meditation does not claim to ‘fix’ everything but a growing body of evidence in psychology and neuroscience connects it to so many benefits of essential value to parents.

·      Reducing and managing stress

·      Reducing emotional reactivity

·      Reducing worry, rumination and anxiety

·      Improving sleep

·      Increasing relationship satisfaction

·      More effective communications in relationships

·      Noticing the good in life

·      Improving concentration, focus and clarity

·      Increasing emotional intelligence

·      Enhancing compassion for self and others

Cost is €265.

To book a spot, or for more information, click on the link below.