A Sensory Day of Mindfulness

Lisnavagh House and Country Estate, Co Carlow
Nov 25th 2017

You are invited to join us on a sensory day of mindfulness. To take a day off from everything. From multi-tasking, multi screening and trying to keep it all together. From all things work and all things family, a moment away from all responsibilities. See more.....


MIndfulness Yoga SLEEP REtreats 2018

This retreat is designed as a slowing down, drawing in, restorative time stepping away from the worries and stresses of work or family as well as offering take away knowledge.  At Lisnavagh big fires crackle in the dining room and in the library you will find comfy sofas to curl up with a good book. See more....

Lisnavagh House and Country Estate, Co Carlow
eb 9th - 11th 2018
April 13th - 15th, 2018
June 22nd - 2th, 2018
Nov 2nd - 4th, 2018

Another summer is over and our summer yoga and mindfulness retreats were fully chilled to the max.  Between yoga practice, meditation, stretches of blissful silence and sensory mindful walks in the stunning gardens and woods of Lisnavagh we all went home walking on a cloud.  Not even the soft Irish weather prevented us from enjoying outdoor meditations with the surround sound of bird song and the simplicity of nature.  For our upcoming cosy winter retreats click here.

I’m aware of how this course has changed me and I am sure the lives of those around me - my nearest and dearest. I have learned to be kinder to myself and therefore others - thank you from the bottom of my heart
— - Louise
This course gave me a huge understanding of how I can use many techniques to manage stress and also to pause before I react
— Tara
‘Sheana you are a wonderful, caring and gentle leader. I feel very lucky and privileged to have attended’
— Ruth
As a doctor, I was cynical starting this course, I didn’t think I could benefit but I am so so glad I did it. I actually feel less stressed (really)! I do the 3 minute breathing space every day now on my way to clinic and it makes a difference. Thank you so much.
— Fiona