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A sensory day of mindfulness
23rd Nov 2019: 10am - 6pm

You are invited to join us on a sensory day of mindfulness. To take a day off from everything. From multi-tasking, multi screening and trying to keep it all together. From all things work and all things family, a moment away from all responsibilities.

Through a series of guided meditations, from total relaxation to mindful movement, we will create a space for you to step out of the stress of your fast paced life and busy brain. Throughout our retreat day, you will be guided though these restorative meditations and invited to explore shifting your attention from the busy mind, to immerse into your senses - what you see, hear, smell, taste, feel and experience in every moment. This is the simplicity of mindfulness, bringing ourselves into the present moment through the exploration of our senses.  

Spending time in nature is the earth's natural stress reliever and neuroscience research confirms that it reduces stress hormones and stress activity in the brain. Our senses become vibrant and alive, we become more calm and content as we move our attention from the constant mental chatter to vividly hearing, feeling and seeing the beauty and awe of nature. We will take a number of meditation walks through the stunning grounds of the Lisnavagh estate. 

When we mindfully attend to our sense of smell and taste, food can become even more vibrant and delicious. Emily's organic Ayurvedic lunch will be part of our sensory experience.  

So join us as we offer this restorative space for you to immerse in your senses and unlock your natural ability to cultivate contentment and calm and reignite your verve and capacity for life. As always, wellies and and warm raincoats are highly recommended! 


€120 for the day including lunch and afternoon tea.

To book contact Niamh at Lisnavagh at 059 916 1473 or email